Restaurant Shanthi

About us

When Shanthini and Sinniah Kumar moved from Sri-Lanka to Switzerland in 1989 it was a new beginning for them. They had to become established, privately as well as work-related, in an entirely foreign environement.

Sinniahs first steps on the long way towards restaurant owner began as a kitchen helper at Restaurant Hochhus in Bern. But he and his boss at that time realized quickly that he was more interested in cooking than in doing the dishes. So it didn’t take long for him to be behind the stove himself.

His interest in cooking quickly became a passion and lead him through various restaurant kitchens of different styles for almost 20 years.

But to realize all his ideas and personal visions he needed his own restaurant. And this dream came true with the opening of „Restaurant“ Shanthi“ on may 25 in 2013.

With the support of his wife Shanthini, after whom the restaurant is named , and his 3 daughters, a friendly and cosy family-restaurant came into existence. Here the guests not only get served authentic south-indian and sri-lankan cuisine, but can experience the appropriate south asian attitude towards life.

To live up to this standard Sinniah Kumar is still working in the kitchen day-to-day and is preparing every single dish himself, often according to traditional ayurvedic guidelines and inspired by ancient family recipes.