Restaurant Shanthi

Main Dishes


Dosa is a thin crispy pancake, fried on a round cast-iron plate. It consists of a dough made of rice and lentil flour-urid. Different variations of dosa can be served in India and Sri Lanka. As an accompaniement to any dish, dosa sambhar and chutney are served.

Dosa with Sambhar (Lentil and vegetable stew) and Green/Red Chutney (coconut with red or green chilli) V

The following supplements can be selected with Dosa

• garnished with ghee +2.00
• scalloped with egg +2.00
• scalloped with cheese +2.00
• stuffed with Masala - with mashed potatoes and spring onion +3.00
• stuffed with spring onion and chicken +6.50



South Indian white puffy steamed rice cakes, usually served with sambhar.

Iddli with sambhar (Lentil and vegetable stew) and Green/Red Chutney ( Coconut with red or green chilli) V

String Hoppers

String Hoppers are a traditional Sri-lankan/Indian food consisting of rice flour pressed into noodle form and steamed (also known as Nooputt).

String Hoppers with Sambal (Coconut with red or green chilli) and Sothi (Potato in coconut milk sauce)

The following supplements can be selected with String Hoppers:

• Dhal Curry +3.60
• Kadai Paneer +4.60
• Chicken Curry +5.60
• Lamb Curry +6.60
• Fish Curry +6.60




All main dishes are served with lentil and papadam.  
  Okra curry (Fried okra and onions in a tomato and onion curry sauce) V 14.50
  Cauliflower curry (Cauliflower in Indian curry & spices) V 14.50
  Palak paneer (Spinach & panir cooked with Indian spices) V 16.50
  Kadai Paneer (Indian cheese cooked with Chef‘s Special Curry) V 16.50
  Soja Chunks Masala (Soja chunks cooked with potatoes coconut milk and Madras curry) V 16.50
  Mushroom gravy (Mushrooms cooked with Indian culinary herbs and spices) V 14.50
  Roasted potato (Fried potato Indian style) V 14.50
  Brinjal Vathal Kulambu (Eggplant cooked with Jaffnacurry powder and coconut milk) V 14.50

Meat und Fisch Dishes

Alle Hauptspeisen servieren wir Ihnen mit Linsen und Papadam  
  Butter chicken masala (Chicken breast cooked with Indian spices) 21.50
  Chicken curry (Sri-lankan Jaffna & Indian chettinad style) 21.50
  Mutton curry (Sri-Lankan Jaffna style & Indian chettinad style) 22.50
  Grilled lamb chops (Lamb chop with onions-potatoes-mix and grilled tomatoes and special sauce with Mendis (coconut whiskey), special dish without lentils and pappadam) 32.00
  Prawn curry (Prawn in Sri-Lankan hot & sour curry) 24.50
  Fish curry Indian chettinad style 22.50
  Grilled salmon steak with saffron rice and tomato salad 32.50


Additional supplements for vegetarian, meat and fish dishes:  
  a. Rice (basmati-Indian tilda one portion 3.50
  b. Chapathi (white flour bread) per piece 2.00
  c. Parotta (Indian ata flour bread) per piece 2.50
  d. Roti (white flour bread plain or with onion) per piece 2.50
  f. Butter Naan (baked pita bread plain or with garlic) per piece 3.00
  g.String hoppers (rice flour steamed) per piece 1.50
  h. Iddli (rice flour & urid dal steamed round cake) per piece 1.50

Special Sri Lankan and South Indian dishes

  Vegetable fried rice (Carrot, beans, spring onions and potatoes mixed with Indian spices) V 14.50
  South-Indian Thali with vegetables (rice with six kinds of vegetables and yogurt, rassam and papadam) V 23.50 23.50
  South Indian Thali with lamb and chicken (Rice with four kinds of vegetables, lamb, chicken, yogurt, rassam & papadam) 27.50
  Vegetable biryani (Traditional Indian rice dish, vegetables in a creamy, spicy blend of culinary herbs and spices) 19.50
  Chicken biryani (Traditional Indian rice dish, chicken in a creamy, spicy blend of culinary herbs and spices)
  Mutton biryani (traditional Indian rice dish, mutton in a creamy, spicy blend of culinery herbs and spice) 22.50
  Prawn Biryani (Rice or noodle dish mixed with shrimp in Indian spices)
  Kotthu Rotti (Parotta bread with vegetables, egg / meat with Indian spices)
  Jaffna Special Dish (by reservation only)- Would you like to eat like Srilankans with your finger/hands(fingerbowl)? Take the opportunity and eat as a Sri Lankan on a banana leaf.   27.50

(Rice plate with four kinds of Jaffna vegeta - bles, yogurt, rassam, pappadam, vadagam and fried butterchilli und payasam - sago dessert V

Instead of four vegetable curry, you can have three vegetable curry and with your choice of:

• Jaffna Chicken Curry +3.60
• Jaffna Lamb Curry +4.60
• Jaffna Fish Curry +4.60
• Jaffna Prawn Curry +5.60


Jain dishes (By reservation only) Vegetarian Food in Indian style, cooked according to the beliefes of Jainism.

(Rice with four different Jain vegetables curries, yogurt, Papadams and fried Chilli) V


Ayurvedic vegetarian menu (By reservation only) Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India. It offers one of the fastest paths to health. According to Ayurvedic laws, it is important to take all six ayurvedic tastes (Rasa) in each meal.

(Red country rice with curry in six different flavors of sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent) V